Squires Fish and Chip Restaurant

Now, where to take the folks for a casual bite to eat on their first visit to Braunton?  Well, when at the seaside, it’s got to be fish and chips of course.

With a recent review in The Independent, Squires Fish and Chip Restaurant was the venue of choice. It certainly must be getting something right as the restaurant and takeaway have been going for more than 40 years. And this is still a real family-run affair. Upon our arrival I was reliably informed by the man that it was a very glam, Mrs Squire herself who seated us and took our order.

There’s a section of the menu entitled ‘Healthy Options’ which did amuse me somewhat as the accompaniment to the likes of poached salmon was always a portion of chips. I’m not sure what the Advertising Standards Authority would have to say about that.. And to be fair it’s a bit like going to McDonald’s and ordering a salad really isn’t it – you don’t go to a chippy to watch your waistline.

Anyway, moving on to the important bit, the food itself.  Mother and I opted for the fishcakes, with a side of mushy peas of course, and we were both pleased with our choice. Two plump, round fishcakes, packed full of flaky cod, nicely seasoned, and the all important chips were hot, fat and crisp – just the job. And very good value too, at under £6 per meal.

Pa ordered your classic combo and was greeted with a large portion of cod, which he said had a lovely light crisp batter. The man meanwhile had his sights set firmly on the homemade steak and ale pie. The filling had a decent amount of meat and a nice substantial gravy. The man’s only suggestion for improvement was a preference for a full-on shortcrust pastry fest rather than just the topping of puff pastry which adorned the top of the pie dish.

So, all in all the food gets the thumbs up. My only slight criticism of Squire’s in general would be that they’re currently not doing their bit for the world’s fish stocks. Have they not been watching Mr Fearnley-Whittingstall like the rest of us? Someone get down there and demand a mack bap this instant.

At a touch over £40 for 4 meals and a bottle of wine, when you’re after a simple, hearty and tasty meal, Squires should be pretty high on your list.


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