Back to Braunton: The Corner Bistro

Chef Andy and wife Emma, who runs front of house, make a great team and their Friday night steak night is pretty well renowned in these parts, as are their darn good breakfasts.

For a mere 30 quid you can have two locally sourced Ruby Red beef rump steaks with a mound of fries which are spot on, even down to just the right amount of salt pre-sprinkled on them. You can pay a bit more to have more superior cuts of steak but the rump is beautifully tender and cooked exactly to your liking. I’ve been to steak night twice now and on both occasions the food and service have been fantastic. This time round the man and I also opted to share a side of glorious creamed spinach which I can thoroughly recommend.

Although we were both rather full I managed to convince the man to share a lemon tart to round off the meal. The filling was neither too sweet, nor too tart and the consistency was also just right, contrasting wonderfully with a hard sugar topping.

A little tip – if you’re  going there just with your beloved then ask for the window seat in the corner, it’s like having a restaurant all of your own and I for one think it’s pretty romantic.

And it’s not too hard on the old wallet too – two steak frites, one side, a bottle of wine, one dessert and two glasses of dessert wine came in under £50.

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